Work Programme 2024

Strategy Statement 2024-2026 - Key Objective 1 - Enforcement of agri-food unfair trading law.

 Objective & Priority for 2024: Effective integration of the work of the interim Unfair Trading Practices Enforcement Authority into the Agri-Food Regulator

  • Communication campaign for buyers regarding obligations under 2023 Regulations and liaison officer model established
  • On-site inspections initiated
  • Template for 2024 annual compliance report and portal in place to allow relevant buyers submit annual compliance reports
  • Participation at appropriate EU Commission meetings for Enforcement Authorities and active engagement on statutory review of the EU Directive

 Strategy Statement 2024-2026 - Key Objective 2 - Improved transparency on the functioning of the agri-food supply chain.

 Objective & Priority for 2024: Establish a culture of partnership with businesses along the supply chain in developing the ‘information and engagement’ function of the Regulator

  • Stakeholder engagement plan in place
  • Secure portal in place to allow businesses submit price and market data
  • Number of sectoral review reports published

 Strategy Statement 2024-2026 - Key Objective 3 - Effective communication and engagement with stakeholders in promoting fairness and transparency.

 Objective & Priority for 2024: Effectively communicate the establishment of the Regulator and improve awareness and understanding of its role

  •  Updating of Agri-Food Regulator’s website and social media channels as required
  • Development of accessible information resources
  • Report to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as required

 Strategy Statement 2024-2026 - Key Objective 4 - Building of organisational capacity with optimal use of resources to deliver an efficient and effective service.

 Objective & Priority for 2024: Build capacity of the organisation with a strong governance and administrative foundation

  •  Sanctioned staff numbers in place
  • Continuous Professional Development opportunities taken
  • Seconding and recruitment of expertise and/or procurement as appropriate