Approach to price & market analysis

In carrying out its function to publish analysis of information about price and market data relating to the agri-food supply chain, An Rialálaí Agraibhia (Agri-Food Regulator) may:

  • conduct and commission research and surveys and publish findings and reports,
  • consider matters outside the State (including price and market data) in so far as they are or may be relevant to the situation in the State, and
  • seek from businesses within the agricultural and food supply chain any data impacting upon price and margins considered necessary, including:
  1. prices paid and received,
  2. margin,
  3. financial and accounting data,
  4. throughput of agricultural produce,
  5. data in relation to policy and procedure,
  6. employment status, and
  7. salary.

Through its work and in conjunction with stakeholders, the Agri-Food Regulator aims to bring greater transparency to the constituent parts of the food supply chain. Increased availability of information at all stages of the food supply chain will inevitably lead to the identification of opportunities for businesses in addition to a greater understanding for all stakeholders of particular challenges faced by businesses along the supply chain.